Public Works

Water Treatment Plant

The Superintendent develops a comprehensive Public Works program with the approval of the City Council. His daily duties include the supervision of all of Public Works. Public Works has several departments as follows:

Sewer Department

Sewer collection includes two lift stations and about 24 miles of collection lines. The rate for sewer service in Cut Bank is currently for the first 300 cubic feet of water use and per hundred cubic feet after.

Sewer Treatment includes about three miles of piping from the lift stations to the lagoon system where the water is treated and discharged back into Cut Bank Creek.

Solid Waste

Solid Waste Department Collection Driver is Cody Fetters. The Solid Waste System is an automated container system. Cut Bank currently uses a Volvo truck with a 36-yard trash compactor frame mounted. One and a half to three yards containers are spaced in the alleys around the community for residential use. Individuals without alley access are provided with rollout containers that are also dumped weekly. Residential use is charged for weekly pick up. Businesses rent containers for their individual use per the amount of refuge produced. We collect solid waste from the City of Cut Bank and within a ten mile radius of the city east of Cut Bank Creek, and dispose of the refuge into the container site North East of Cut Bank.

Street Department

The street department has six working accounts that must be managed by the Superintendent, four maintenance districts, gas tax, and general fund road and streets. The street department shares employees with all of the other departments of the Public works department.

The city is currently divided into four maintenance districts. Property owners are charged on a fee per square foot basis for the maintenance of the streets, alleys, curbing and gutters in their district. There are about 27 miles of streets and alleys in the City of Cut Bank.

  • Street Maintenance District #1 consists of 13,295,155.72 square feet. Railroad Street is located in this district.
  •  Street Maintenance District #2 is the smallest district currently 353,030.20 square feet. This district contains all of the gravel streets in the southeast section of Cut Bank.
  • Street Maintenance District #3 is located on the city’s northeast side and contains 606,827.80 square feet.
  • Street Maintenance District #4 has areas scattered throughout Cut Bank and is a total of 2,069,582.17 square feet.

Water Department

Water Distribution Water Distribution has one operator and one daily maintenance worker. The Water Distribution System includes approximately 30 miles of main transmission line. The current city policy includes approximately 1,100 feet of new line replacement per year. The areas to be replaced first are determined by the number of leaks the city crew has repaired in the past five-year period, the size of the existing line and the number of users on the main. Cut Bank is currently replacing the main line with C-900 PVC pipe in sizes not smaller than needed in the area to be fed and no smaller than six inches in diameter. The current water rates are based on usage, with the minimum residential usage being 300 cubic feet, and the overage billed per hundred cubic feet. Irrigation rates are in effect April 15th through September 15th of each year.

The Water Treatment System for Cut Bank includes a Water Treatment Plant located west of Cut Bank where three full-time employees work daily to meet the demand of the city. The plant treats about 400,000 gallons of water in the fall and winter months and up to 2,500,000 gallons at peak demand in the warm dry summer months. Water is pulled from Cut Bank Creek for all of the city’s needs and is currently the only source of supply for the city. The city is currently working on an off-stream storage reservoir that will hold 91 acre feet of water, to eliminate the need to restrict water usage in the dry years and meet the demand for future expansion of the city.